Nov 23, 2009

Idk y they think so hard

I hate you I hate you I hate you. The words echo thru my ear never making it into my brain but just running away out the other canal. Why can't you do this she says why can't you do that. I don't want to nor do I care to put enough effort to actually try to change any part of myself for you. I am not a good man but rather the worst one for you. I use anything I get. I know it's said that an oportunist isn't nescesaarily a good thing but I feel all oportunist are the ones that rule the world and ultimately make other oportunities for the less fortunate. She continues to yell at my face. Nothing in my Expression changes. She holds herself in high regard, she belives in her heart that she is amazing and I as a lonely ugly man should b proud to have her as a companoion but I'm not. Like a car sure u can have the preetiest car on the block that glimmers and shines but under all the beauty is nothing the car is faulty it runs good one moment and terrible the next. I rather have the ugliest car on the block that is reliable and will never mess up. She is the worst woman I have ever met and she is never gonna leave my life.
Today is thursday

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