Nov 23, 2009

Daytime slumber awakes the night

I wake up unaware of my surroundings. Everyday the people I see become more and more just blurs of mouths, eyes, ears and noses. It seems like everyone knows the secret of life except o
For me. They are all going everywhere all the time but me I just sit and sit and watch them live life. It's weird I have no desire to live, love, make adventure like all the movies tell us to do. I am ahead of myself this is my journal and I have decided to write this stuff down due to the fact that I need something to do in the vast array of space that I call my free time. I have few people in my life both my parents have passed away. My brother a one man support group decides to help me live my life up to societies expectations. And thomas is my bestfriend. Today is Tuesday.

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