Sep 23, 2009

hard work pays off

well this is a mandatory post so it wont have all the passion my other posts down the road will have. anyways trying to go downtown to get these tees and shit and waiting for the weekend to just have some relaxation time. this week has been terrible the rain was a huge buzz kill, and it fucked up school so im all off track and what not. but in other news i just smashed this nigga in madden lol had to flex somewhere. but yea oh btw hanesXsupreme shirt gotta be worn on friday i had to hype beast it up this past week end with the huf purchase and the supreme purchase. i wanna make this one long so this is like the midway point and im gonna talk about random things like i like to do. so i got mad homework to do so that means i have a shit load of copying to do. trying to graduate thats that new thing cause niggas now a days is trying to make u fail. so i gotta pass all the classes with great grades. onto a sadder note im really truly broke i miss the glory days of not having a car and just hitching rides cause my card would b a lot more robust than it is at the moment due to my wreck of a car that fucks up every other day(thanks parents) u would think that they would want me on the road in some thing that wouldnt crash and burn in an instant. but shit i just got tired as fuck, but before i go i have to say some words on the cudi jay-z debacle. ok first off the cudi album isnt as bad as i first thought, what changed all that around was the iphone. i put it on shuffle and the tracklist flowed together so beautifully like the way its set up is so depressing and i feel like i gotta b high to get into it but if u start from the end and flow thru it backwards shit is way better, but still no blueprint 3 which is way better album even though the middle is very weak. jay sold something like 420k and cudi sold 102k. i hope thats enough to fly his ass to the moon to find some better tunes lol. i didnt mean that guys.


  1. that food does look relel good
    why your post always get comments but damn we gotta get more followers

  2. yea we do need followers i will see if i can get any. but yea i like that my shit gets comments. lol i feel special