Sep 24, 2009


while i sit in my loft waiting for the update for madden to load i wanna take a second out to just talk about after school. after school is the time between when u get out of school and when u actually start doing some productive shit. like my after school has been varying i come home eat some food and then get it in on the homework but lately i have no time for homework( or i just dont wanna do it) so my afterschool has been lasting all the way up until i go to sleep. but my whole point of this post is to point out how much fun the "afterschool" time really is. usually im alone so i get to just do my thing woithout having to hear my parents talking for like 3 hours so i enjoy it. that reminds me of that show where the kid had like an extra 30 min before his mom came home and he used to do everything it was funny as hell. but thats pretty much where my mind was at. oh and yea thats a real scorpion that i just so happend to find under my couch while i was moving it.

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