Jan 7, 2010

Opening to the film

Let me tell you bout a story I heard way back it was told to me by a crackhead, his scratching he wouldn't stop that. He said it was about a girl real trajic shit. I said that classic got classics that's a real old trick. His speech slowed down to an epic mumble. I can't lie I was intrigued. I stepped ever closer, doing a bad job to play off my stumble. The girl name was pearl and the boys name was Jim. Noe Jim was a good man check that Jim was a good boy, pearl was a good girl, his lips moved faster and Jim and pearls world unfirrled. There are a couple facts you need to know about Jim, life he loved it, his girl he loved it, and to everything else he said fuck it. Pearl was an expensive chick the one to take all your shit. All the dudes loved her, shit the girls did too. Crazy ass shit is that Jim knew too. He knew all too well life and every thing in it. She was a superficial queen, and Jim was plotting major things. I said wait a fucking minute you just said Jim loved her. Crackhead stopped eyes wide looked up at me and said "I know what I said Jim is an odd man don't expect me to know his mind. OH, dumb ass expresssion on my face. Can I continue my story the crackhead said with haste. By all means excuse me I didn't mean to debate, so continue he did aggrevated looks killing his face, child like embarassment exuding from mine, old memories of school time filled my un-blind eyes, ahem! The crackhead cleared his throat. Now listen real close the crackhead began Jim was very weird man. The queen was high on her pedalstal until Jim came around. Knocked her down he did and she fell like a thousand pounds. He killed the dumb broad, easy like. She thought she was invincible the prototype. She was nothing of the sort knocked out first round old school Tyson fight. His words stopped scratching began and so that aS the finale the end

Location:My mind

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