Dec 9, 2009

hello there my name is "fuck you"

well before i go to sleep on this boring ass day i might as well post a little something. before i start i just looked at an NBA player run from the top of the court to the rim and looked confused when he got called for traveling. but thats beside the point. dont really know what to post today so i guess just free typing is what im gonna do. i have had that terrible feeling of almost going to sleeep like all day and it sucks, i ate one meal and i havent seen one parent in almost 5 days lol my life is something else but in other news might b getting some shoes from germany! most wont see them cause i aint rocking kicks for those who dont appreciate. by bye for now tho.

oh and lastly im from ATL now shawty! been here a little too long so im gonna claim it.

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