Oct 11, 2009

Yesterday I Didnt Ask for Nothing and I Took Everything

Sitting on the phone enjoying the phone converstion for the first time in a long time, but i wanna talk about the weekend had it was quite enjoyable hopefully when im done with school, went out twice movies and i enjoyed both of them i wish i could have seen all of zombie land but its all good becayse ihop more than made up for it. the early mornings in the crib before going out are always delightful. i dont wanna go to school i just wanna "fuck all night" (pharrell voice) oh and the new blog is dope as hell i likes it a lot real cool. i wish i could do stuff like that but i dont think so. i can write a little bit lol im gonna be a ghost writer for ur favorite rapper, i already wrote tracks for all those ppl that got record deals, saw some beatles stuff today and damn i just wanna b like them, oh btw my panthers got that first W so today was a good ass day and now im out.

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