Oct 6, 2009

In the bed post

well here we go again. another day done and another step closer to leaving and living. but lets talk about something else, how about the bed in general its a great place, i like to keep my bed ina nice order cause like who wants to get into a wack ass bed, and i could easily talk about the sex that goes down in beds but lets go down the sleeping route. keep it original. well i love and hate my bed cause its so damn comfotable but ppl love to talk to me right when i go to lay down so i have to fight off the sleep like im doing right now. anyways, twins happend to beat the tigers for the al central today and that was kinda excting since i called it. and i copped that nba 2k10 it is pretty dope but man games are losing relivance in my life its like i have no time for anything but shit just keeps getting put on my damn plate so im gonna hand;e it while listening to my nigga j.cole rip every rap niggas asshole. lol had to end it with that.

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