Sep 21, 2009

Rainy Days Make Me See Clear

So today I wokeup to the alarm,6:00am time for school come to find out because of last nights storm in GA NO SCHOOL enough of that so I have a day of free time on my hands so I am going to do some blog reading and following.Work on the line a bit more we got a very busy week ahead of us for the stat team.

By the way this is a temp blog site up intil we go over to and official website it takes time,but we are working hard.So we will continue to keep you updated on our process as we push forward with all this.

for all inquires
email me at


  1. Everyone has to start somewhere. Alot of sites start off as a blog =].

    But... people actually love your blog layout.

    The designer should take her talents elsewhere, where team members actually appreciate his/her skills. =]

  2. it was def just one person that did not agree,but you should contract out either jobs

  3. Lol... but easily influenced people like yourself start to rethink things. Then they get mad because someone is interfering with their thought process.

    And its very smart of you to tell me to "contract out either jobs" whatever that means?