Feb 18, 2009

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Letters to Ed...

Dear Eddie,

Gosh! I freakin miss you baby. I'm was spoiled to having you 24/7. This is hella hard. But as a recap on my day... it was wack. I mean what else can I expect without you constantly reachable during my entire day. For one I was engulfed in utter loneliness. My mind definantly had no intentions of getting you off it. You see, I still have that crazed obsession for you. lol

(excuse my cornyness) But its true.
Eddie... WTF! Why are you so amazing and so gosh darn perfect for me? The humor, the whit, the senstitivity, the hardened outer shell, the love you have for ME. Ugh!! I could pass out from the overwhelmingness of it all.

Why is our relationship so fun? So new? (Although its been 4 years) lol. Why do we relate on such a high level? Why do I feel as if you're my best freind? Why do I only want you?

I mean, how do you succeed so well at showing so much compassion for me? I'm lucky... like a 4 leaf clover. lol. Life would suck without you. I couldn't even live without the fussing and fighting and immature disagreements. Its all worth it. As long as its with you.

I'm hella deep aren't I? So mushy and gushy. Oh well! I can't help it when it comes to you anyway. My dearest Ed, can't wait to have you back to my usual 24/7. Its hard, but I'm managaing. I guess this only makes us stronger. And proves just how much we can't live without eachother.

I know its hard for you too... but it'll pass. We learn. We grow. What don't kill us can only make us stronger. As long as we tell ourselves this, we'll make it through. With more reason to love harder.

Until we meet again, I love you. I miss you dearly. And I can't wait for what's ahead of us. You're in my thoughts. My dreams. Always.

Yours truly,

P.S. Eddie Bear was a great gift. He's huge and soft. Keeping me company at night.


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